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When family lives far away from an aging loved one, or caring for your senior parent becomes more than you can manage alone, In-home care services offer a wonderful solution to ensuring your loved one is safe and sound, and that their health and personal care needs are being met.

Help with in-home care from professional caregivers can provide assurance that a senior is receiving the best care possible.

Along with peace of mind, in-home care providers can deliver a wide range of services. They can assist with daily self-care and chores, and provide companionship and transportation. Many organizations also have licensed medical professionals on staff who can give medical care assistance in the form of medication dispensing, wound care, and rehabilitation or after surgery care.

Your in-home care provider may offer a wide range of services, and should work with you to determine your loved one’s exact needs.

Personalized Care Plans

Once you have identified a potential agency to work with, an in-person meeting should be scheduled at the home of the senior needing support. This is a critical part of determining the care needed, and if the agency is a good fit for your family.

At Arcadia New England, we work with our families to determine what types of services are needed. We do this by completing a detailed intake interview, followed by visiting the home where the care will be provided. This includes a meeting with the client and their family/guardians. During this home visit we observe and evaluate where care will be given, and complete a detailed assessment of care needs. From this intake process, we create a detailed care plan.

Periodic Evaluation of Care Provided

Caring for an aging loved one is never a set it and forget it event! Care needs change over time, and so any care plan should be evaluated by the professional agency periodically. This is a time to openly discuss how things are going, what needs may have shifted or evolved, and how to best care for the senior moving forward.

At Arcadia, all of our care plans are evaluated every three months to ensure the proper care is continuing to be provided based on the client’s current needs.

Below is a listing of all the in-home services an agency might offer. You may not need all of these services now, but the great thing about in-home care is that it offers plenty of options that can be added or modified as needs change — all in the comfort of the senior’s home.

Types of In-Home Care Services:

Personal Care
  • Bathing & Personal Hygiene
  • Toileting & Incontinence
  • Grooming & Dressing
  • Mobility Assistance
  • Meal Preparation, Feeding & Clean Up
  • Light Housekeeping & Daily Chores
Companionship & Transportation
  • Conversation, Companionship & Activities
  • Transportation to Appointment, Errands, Social Activities
  • Grocery Shopping, Running Errands, Prescription Pick Up
  • Recreational Activities, Game Playing, Walks, Hobbies
  • Travel Aid & Assistance
  • Respite Care to relieve other caregivers
Health & Medical Assistance
  • Daily Health Checks
  • Medication Dispensing
  • Rehabilitation & After Surgery Care
  • Wound Dressing & Care
  • Long-term Health Conditions Support
  • Ongoing Medical Care
  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care
  • Hospice & End of Life Care

Not sure if it’s time to seek further assistance? Check out our BLOG on the signs that it may be time to bring in home care help.

Finding professional assistance to support the needs of your parent or senior loved one offers an important resource to families. This assistance allow seniors the opportunity to age in place in their homes, safely and securely. In-home care services also provide support to help preserve seniors’ dignity and independence, which is proven to improve their happiness and overall wellbeing.

At Arcadia New England, we offer a full range of in-home care options. We can provide the daily assistance and support a senior needs to remain in their homes, as well as qualified medical assistance to ensure their health needs are met.

We offer exceptional care with a personal touch – call us today to schedule your free, no obligation home care assessment!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that mobility assistance is also one of the things to expect from home care services. I’d like to look for such services soon because there are times when my father is having trouble walking. I think it’s because of the uric acid in his body shooting up.

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