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How to Address Your Facility’s Staffing Needs

Healthcare organizations such as nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and long-term care facilities are tapping into the workforce that can be provided by professional staffing companies. These agencies allow them to keep fully staffed during their busy times. Organizations are turning to these staffing providers to address seasonal labor fluctuations, provide for unanticipated vacancies, and to staff up as occupancy demands provide. Whether it is a temporary job lasting a few days or months to cover a leave, or a permanent job placement – professional staffing companies allow healthcare facilities to adjust their workforce to meet their changing needs.

Arcadia New England provides healthcare facilities with qualified, screened nursing staff to address internal workforce needs.

Tip: Getting Help Saves Time & Money

When you work with a professional staffing agency, you can save a considerable amount of time and costs related to hiring new staff. Preparing job descriptions, conducting an employment search and interviews, and selecting the right candidate for a healthcare position takes a lot time! It is also a costly endeavor. It requires not only the expense of your internal staff’s time, but running advertisements, employee benefits costs of hiring permanent employees. There is also additional risk and overhead associated with any job search.

How Arcadia can help you:

At Arcadia New England, we can provide you with one capable individual to cover a vacation, or an entire team of healthcare providers to complete your unit needs. All of our staff are employees of Arcadia, so the expenses related to staffing falls on our budgets. Additionally, every one of our employees are bonded and fully insured by us. We save you the costs of employee benefits and insurances.

Hiring temporary staff to fill staffing needs requires less initial cost, risk and overhead than searching for and hiring permanent employees. 

Tip: Work with a Qualified Staffing Agency

If you are considering working with a professional staffing agency, choose one that specializes in healthcare staffing. They are familiar with the different healthcare credentials required for different positions, and will understand the unique needs of your facility.

How Arcadia can help you:

At Arcadia New England, we understand healthcare staffing and patient care because that is all we do. Each of our staff members must meet our rigorous professional standards, and document their healthcare credentials. We provide ongoing education, licensing requirements training, and additional support to our employees. We want to be providing the best professionals possible to our facilities clients!

A staffing agency that specializes in healthcare staffing ensures your unique needs will be met.

Tip: Be sure your patients are safe and protected.

While there is much screening an employer can do to ensure the individual they hire does not represent any risk or threat to other staff and patients, it is a daunting task to fully screen job candidates. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and the emergency need for positions, proper screening is often overlooked.

How Arcadia can help you:

At Arcadia New England, we conduct a full background check process before anyone joins our team. The safety of our clients and their patients is our top priority.

Tip: Be strategic in determining your staffing needs.

Instead of continuing to hire for an immediate need – reactionary staffing – take the time to step back and really consider your overall staffing needs, your unit changes or transitions, and what staffing makeup truly meets your long-term goals of your organization. Every staff member is an investment, and you want to be sure you are investing wisely for your future.

How Arcadia can help you:

Arcadia New England sees the big picture. We can work with you to evaluate your staffing needs, and then provide you with the staff your facility requires. Because we work with a variety of facilities, we know what healthcare staffing trends look like, locally and in the industry. We can provide an objective look at your overall staffing, discuss your long-range plans, and help develop a plan for your staffing needs.

Organizations we have assisted include:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Clinics
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Urgent Care Facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Schools/Colleges

Let Arcadia take the headache out of maintaining full-staffing requirements at your facility by providing you with the experienced, trained care providers you need!

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