Facilities Staffing

We know how difficult it is to find and retain qualified personnel for your care facility. It is a time-consuming process, and training your healthcare staff is an expensive investment. Lower your recruitment, orientation and training costs by working with Arcadia New England to provide the skilled professionals you need – when are where you need them.

Nursing Homes – Assisted Living Facilities – Rehabilitation Facilities

We can provide you with one capable individual to cover a vacation or an entire team of healthcare providers to complete your unit needs. All of our staff are employees of Arcadia, and are bonded and insured by us. They each must meet our rigorous professional standards and background check process before they are hired. We can work with you to evaluate your staffing needs, and then provide you with the staff your facility requires. Let Arcadia take the headache out of maintaining full-staffing requirements at your facility by providing you with the experienced, trained care providers you need!

Organizations we have assisted include:


Do you do background checks on your employees?

YES! Your safety and security is our greatest priority. All the staff and caregivers that work for Arcadia New England are interviewed extensively, followed by several in-depth background checks, as required by both Federal Law and the requirements of the individual states. Our background investigations include Office of the Attorney General, Criminal, eVerify, Sex Offender, along with a whole laundry list of other background reviews we conduct before anyone comes to work with us and would go out into the homes of our clients.

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